Timing refers to the period of time in which a card can be played or an ability can be activated. Whenever a card is played or an ability is activated, that card/ability must be fully resolved before another action can be taken.

By default, a player can only play cards and take actions during their own turn. The three exceptions to this rule are:

  • Cards with Faceoff, Problem Faceoff and Troublemaker Faceoff timing, which can be played/activated during faceoffs that take place on the opponent’s turn.
  • Cards with Reaction timing, which can be played/activated whenever the conditions for the Reaction are met on either player’s turn. Multiple different reactions may be played in response to the same triggered condition, but each reaction must be from a different card and must be fully resolved before the next Reaction can take effect.
  • Cards with Immediate timing, which can be played/activated at any time.

When a player takes an action, that player’s opponent has the first opportunity to react by playing/activating a legal card/ability, and each player takes turns reacting until both players pass sequentially.

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