Spring Forward,
Companionable Filly
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Premiere 061

Card Type Friend
Power 2
Color Purple
Cost 3
Play Req. 3 Purple
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Studious
This card gets +2 power for each of your opponent's characters at its Problem.
Flavor Text Even though she's one of the best skaters in Ponyville, Spring Forward just can't wait for the ice to melt.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 1, Episode 11: Winter Wrap Up
  • None
  • Studious is not a stackable keyword; a player winning the faceoff with multiple Studious characters will only gain 1 action token regardless of how many Studious characters were involved in the faceoff.
  • Frightened Friends are counted by this card's continuous ability. (505.1)

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