Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Shining Armor, Back on Duty Friend 3 Blue 3 2 Blue
Earth Pony Royal Guard, Arresting Officer Friend 2 Orange 3 1 Orange
Canterlot Archive Guard, Literate Lookout Friend 1 Purple 2 4 Purple
Shining Armor, Captain of the Guard Friend 2 Purple 3 2 Purple
Shining Armor, Bedraggled Dad Friend 2 Blue 2 4 Blue
Shining Armor, Bastion Brother Friend 2 Blue/Purple 2 1 Blue and 1 Purple
Cerberus, Tartarus Guard Troublemaker 5
Shining Armor, Team Trainer Friend 3 Orange 3 3 Orange
Shining Armor, Soldier in Training Friend 4 Blue 3 4 Blue
Pegasus Royal Guard, Elite Sentry Friend 1 Blue 1 1 Blue
Shining Armor/Princess Cadance, Fastball Special Mane Character 1 Blue
Royal Peacekeeper, Watchful Eye Friend 1 Orange 2 4 Orange
Shining Armor, Crystal Prince Friend 0 Purple 3 3 Purple
Crystal Guard, On Duty Friend 3 Blue 3 2 Blue
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