Points are a reward for players who successfully confront Problems and win faceoffs, and a player’s score is how many points they currently have. In the MLP CCG, the first player with a score of 15 or more wins the game.

The player with the current highest score determines how many action tokens players receive during their Ready Phase.

Points can be earned as follows:

  • One point is scored whenever a player confronts a Problem.
  • If someone is the first player to confront a particular Problem for the first time, that player scores that Problem’s bonus points.
  • The winner of a Troublemaker faceoff scores that Troublemaker’s points value.
  • The winner of a (single) Problem faceoff scores points equal to the printed bonus points value on that Problem.
  • The winner of a double Problem faceoff scores points equal to the highest printed bonus points value on either Problem.
  • Game text on cards can also allow players to score points.

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