Pinkie Pie,
Pokey Pony
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Card Type Mane Character
Start Side
Power 1
Color Pink
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Home Limit 3
When you end your turn, if this card is at home or a Problem with at least 3 of your Friends, turn it over.
Flavor Text "You reach your right hoof in, you reach your right hoof out..."
Boosted Side
Power 3
Color Pink
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Home Limit 4, Random
When you confront this card's Problem, you may retire one of your Friends there to dismiss an opponent's Friend there.
Flavor Text "You reach your right hoof in and you shake it all about!"
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 1, Episode 26: The Best Night Ever
  • None
Boosted Side
  • Random is a stackable keyword; each of a player's Friends with Random can be used to ignore a flipped card with 1 power once per faceoff.
  • Hand size and Home limit are checked before this card turns over. (616.4)

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