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Pinkie Pie,
Clonie Pie
This Card
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CanterlotNights 195

Card Type Friend
Power 2
Color Pink
Cost 3
Play Req. 3 Pink
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Supportive 2
Faceoff Reaction: After you flip a card, you may pay 1 action token to ignore that card's power and flip a new card.
Flavor Text Only Pinkie Pie would think to make a clone of herself to help her solve a Problem, who then thinks to make a clone of herself to help solve the same Problem, who then thinks...
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 3, Episode 3: Too Many Pinkie Pies
  • Supportive is a stackable keyword; a character with Supportive X and Supportive Y would receive X+Y power while at a Problem with a Mane Character that shares a color with that character. X and Y can be the same amount (Supportive 1 + 1 = Supportive 2).

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