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Goof Off
This Card
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CanterlotNights 176

Card Type Problem
Bonus Points 1
Your Req. 2 Pink + 2 non-Pink
Their Req. 5 wild
Game Text Starting Problem.
Main Phase: This card's owner may exhaust their Mane Character at a Problem to look at the top card of that Problem's deck and may put that card on the bottom of that deck.
Flavor Text "Whoever wins will headline the Birth-Aversary Bash! And the loser... doesn't!" - Pinkie Pie
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 4, Episode 12: Pinkie Pride
  • The following game text has been replaced as of version 7.2 of the Official Card Reference:
    • (Old) Starting Problem. This card's owner may exhaust...
    • (New) Starting Problem. <break>
      Main Phase:
      This card's owner may exhaust...
  • This card's activated ability can only be used during the Main Phase.
  • The active Problems are not part of the Problem Deck. Only the other Problem-cards can be acted upon.

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