Golden Gavel,
Fast Talker
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CanterlotNights 072

Card Type Friend
Power 3
Color White
Cost 3
Play Req. 2 White
Traits Unicorn
Game Text Main Phase: Pay 1 action token to exhaust this card.
While this card is exhausted, your opponent must pay +1 action token to play or move a character to this card's Problem.
Flavor Text Golden Gavel's friends tend to just ignore him when he's in "auctioneer mode." Sometimes there's just no stopping him.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 2, Episode 9: Sweet and Elite
  • None
  • This card's continuous ability that increases the cost to play or move a character to this card's Problem stacks with the abilities of other cards that raise/lower the cost to play or move characters. The cost to play or move a character cannot go below 0.

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