Generic Fixed Set
Product Type Release (Mini Expansion)
Release Date November, 2014 onward
Gallery Generic Fixed (Gallery)

Generic Fixed is the unofficial name of the Fixed cards released in products for the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game which are not attached to any specific release of the game; the first product to include cards in this set appeared on shelves in November, 2014.

'This symbol represents a "Generic" Fixed card that can be found in a product that isn't directly related to a single specific set. This will probably be our Generic Fixed symbol for a long time to come, perhaps indefinitely.' dev Rob Broughton

Release InformationEdit

Compared to regular expansions, none of the cards in this set can be found in booster packs; they can only be found in specific tins, boxes, etc..

In terms of rarity, all cards are Fixed because they can always be found in specific products. Similar to the Celestial Solstice set, all of the cards (so far) are foiled despite not having the foil rarity. And unlike earlier cards found in tins, etc. these cards don't bear the P (for Promo) rarity.

Princess Luna Collector's Box (November 2014)Edit

Princess Twilight Sparkle Collector's Box (November 2014)Edit

Rainbow Dash Collector's Tin (December 2014)Edit

Picture on EnterPlay's Facebook page

Pinkie & Maud Pie Collector's Lunchbox (March 2015)Edit

Picture on EnterPlay's Facebook page


Generic Fixed Set
# Name Power Cost Req. Points Card Type Rarity
1 Rainbow Dash, Cutie Mark Consultant 4 4 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
4 Twilight Sparkle, Cutie Mark Consultant 4 4 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
5 Rarity, Cutie Mark Consultant 4 4 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
7 Pie Sisters, Two of a Kind 3 4 1 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)
9 Defenders of Equestria, Royal Pony Sisters 5 3 2 Icon Friend Small Fixed (F)


Main Releases
Premiere Block Odyssey Block
Premiere Canterlot
The Crystal
Mini Expansions (not part of any block)
Rock N Rave Celestial Solstice Generic Fixed

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