A frightened card is a card that is flipped face-down. Frightened cards cannot be exhausted.

When a card becomes frightened, if becomes a fresh copy of that card (which removes all counters from the card and any attached cards are dismissed). Frightened cards retain their name, card type, and cost, but lose any traits, colors, power, and abilities (unless that ability could only function while the card is frightened).

Frightened friends are counted as having no power with which to confront Problems, participate in faceoffs or meet the play requirements of other cards. While frightened, they are not affected by cards that increase or decrease a Friend's power. If they are being compared directly to the power of another friend, they count as having a power of 0.

During their Main Phase, players can pay 2 action tokens to rally one of their frightened cards and flip them back face-up; this action is called rallying. This is the only way to unflip a frightened card.