Dr. Hooves,
Just in Time
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CanterlotNights 012

Card Type Friend
Power 3
Color Blue
Cost 4
Play Req. 4 Blue
Traits Earth Pony
Game Text Faceoff: You may play this card to an area where you have a character involved in a faceoff. If you do, it becomes involved in that faceoff.
Flavor Text "I made it!" - Dr. Hooves
"You're twelve years late!" - Roseluck
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 2, Episode 26: A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2
  • None
  • This card's activated ability can be used during Showdown faceoffs. (Showdown faceoffs do not have a specified location where they take place, but this card's activated ability only uses the location of the character involved in the Showdown faceoff.)

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