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Mostly Harmless
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Card Type Mane Character
Start Side
Power 1
Color Yellow
Traits Draconequus
Game Text Home Limit 3
When a Troublemaker is uncovered here, you may turn this card over.
Flavor Text Now that Discord is a force of "good", Equestria has another line of defense when evil rears its ugly head.
As long as you ignore that whole Lord Tirek fiasco...
Boosted Side
Power 3
Color Yellow
Traits Draconequus
Game Text Home Limit 4
Opponents must pay +1 action token to play Troublemakers.
Flavor Text With all the mystical mayhem he could cause with a single click of his claws, Discord deserves a lot of credit for how much self-control he shows every single day.
Release Information
This Card's Artwork Comes From:
Season 4, Episode 25: Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1
(start side)
Season 3, Episode 10: Keep Calm and Flutter On
(boosted side)
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