A list of all Troublemakers with the Villain keyword.

Villain (When this Troublemaker is uncovered, Frighten each Friend at its Problem.)

Card Type Power Points Release Info
Ahuizotl (Premiere) Troublemaker 5 2
Ahuizotl (Premiere Promo) Troublemaker 5 2
Discord, Utter Pandemonium Troublemaker 7 1
King Sombra Troublemaker 5 2
Lord Tirek (Absolute Discord) Troublemaker 5 2
Lord Tirek (Absolute Discord Promo) Troublemaker 5 2
Nightmare Moon (Premiere) Troublemaker 7 3
Nightmare Moon (Premiere Promo) Troublemaker 7 3
Queen Chrysalis (Canterlot Nights) Troublemaker 6 3
Queen Chrysalis (Canterlot Nights Promo) Troublemaker 6 3
Starlight Glimmer, Chrono Trigger Troublemaker 6 2
Trixie, Highest Level Unicorn Troublemaker 6 2
Trixie, Highest Level Unicorn (High Magic Royal Rare) Troublemaker 6 2

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