A list of all Friends with the Supportive keyword.

Supportive X (+X power while at a Problem with your Mane Character that shares a color with this card.) (X = the value of Supportive)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Game Text Release Info
Angel, Serious Business Friend 1 Yellow 2 3 Yellow Supportive 2
Big Mac, Biggest Brother Friend 4 Orange 4 3 Orange Supportive 2
Braeburn, Appleloosan Apple Friend 2 Orange 3 5 Orange Teamwork
Supportive 2
Cloudy Quartz, Concerned Mother Friend 0 Orange 1 1 Orange Supportive 2
Cookie Crumbles, Fancy Cooker Friend 2 White 3 3 White Supportive 2
Opponents can't move this card or your Mane Character.
Fancy Pants, All Class Friend 4 White 4 4 White Teamwork
Supportive 1
Flamingo, Hot Pink Friend 1 Yellow 2 3 Yellow Teamwork
Supportive 1
Fleur Dis Lee, Trendy Follower Friend 2 White 3 3 White Supportive 1
While involved in a faceoff, this card also has Supportive 2.
Hondo Flanks, Big Daddy Friend 2 Pink 4 2 Pink Supportive 4
Mr. Cake, Loving Father Friend 1 Pink 2 3 Pink Teamwork
Supportive 1
Mrs. Cake, Dessertier Friend 3 Yellow 4 2 Yellow Supportive 1
Your Mane Character has +1 power while at a Problem with this card.
Night Light, Devoted Dad Friend 3 Purple 3 4 Purple Teamwork
Supportive 1
Pinkie Pie, Clonie Pie Friend 2 Pink 3 3 Pink Supportive 2
Faceoff Reaction: After you flip a card, you may pay 1 action token to ignore that card's power and flip a new card.
Rainbow Blaze, Dashing Mentor Friend 2 Blue 3 2 Blue Supportive 2
Scootaloo, Fan Club Founder Friend 2 Blue 2 3 Blue Supportive 1
When you move your Mane Character to a Problem, you may exhaust this card to move this card there.
Soarin, Team Player Friend 2 Blue 2 4 Blue Teamwork
Supportive 1
Twilight Velvet, Proud Mom Friend 2 Purple 2 3 Purple Supportive 2
Zecora, Magical Mentor Friend 1 Purple 1 1 Purple Supportive 1

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