A list of all Friends with the Pumped keyword. See also Category:Pumped Troublemakers.

Pumped (Once per faceoff, during a faceoff involving this card, if you would put a flipped card on the bottom of your deck you may banish it to beneath this card instead.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Amethyst Maresbury, Crystal Librarian Friend 3 Purple 3 1 Purple
Chief Thunderhooves, Buffaloing Buffalo Friend 3 Blue 3 3 Blue
Cipher Splash, Born Ready Friend 3 Blue 3 1 Blue
Coco Pommel, Fashion Apprentice Friend 3 White 4 1 White
Coco Pommel, Fashion Apprentice (Canterlot Nights Promo) Friend 3 White 4 1 White
Eagle, Soaring Raptor Friend 3 Yellow 3 1 Yellow
Fancy Pants, Trendsetter Friend 3 White 3 2 White
Fast Clip, Drill Instructor Friend 2 Orange 2 3 Orange
Giselle, Thrillseeker Friend 2 Pink 2 None
Globe Trotter, Sight Seer Friend 3 Pink 3 1 Pink
Hairpin Turn, Blocker Friend 2 Blue 2 2 Blue
Hayseed Turnip Truck, "A" For Effort Friend 2 Orange 3 3 Orange
Nurse Redheart, Cantankerous Caretaker Friend 3 Yellow 3 4 Yellow
Perfect Pace, Time Master Friend 3 Purple 3 2 Purple
Photo Finish, Picture Perfect Pony Friend 3 White 3 2 White
Snips, Schemer Friend 2 Pink 3 2 Pink
Steam Roller, Juggernaut Friend 3 Orange 3 1 Orange
Swan Song, Fun-loving Debutante Friend 1 Pink 1 2 Pink
Tall Order, Council Colt Friend 3 Purple 3 1 Purple

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