A list of all Friends with the Caretaker keyword. See also Category:Caretaker Mane Characters.

Caretaker (+1 power while at a Problem with at least one of your Critter Friends.)

Card Type Power Color Cost Requirements Release Info
Amethyst Star, Animal Leader Friend 2 Yellow 2 2 Yellow
Flitter, Sitter Friend 2 Yellow 3 1 Yellow
Fluttershy, Animal Team Friend 2 Yellow 3 2 Yellow
Fluttershy, Safe Haven Friend 2 Yellow 3 1 Yellow
  • Premiere #Pƒ6 (Promo Foil)
    Premiere Organized Play Kit #3
Lemon Hearts, Animancer Friend 2 Yellow 2 3 Yellow
Lemon Hearts, Sweetheart Friend 1 Yellow 1 1 Yellow
Mane Cureall, Veteran Vet Friend 1 Yellow 2 3 Yellow
Sweetie Belle, Cat Sitter Friend 1 Blue 1 1 Blue

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