Card rarity is a general indicator of how rare and/or valuable a card can be. There are 8 possible rarities that a card can be:

  • Common (C) (7 or 8 per booster pack)
  • Uncommon (U) (3 per booster pack)
  • Rare (R) (1 per booster pack)
  • Super Rare (SR) (first added in High Magic; 1 in 4.5 packs=8 per booster box of 36 packs; always foiled)
  • Ultra Rare (UR) (2.77 (in Premiere), 3.27 (in Canterlot Nights, The Crystal Games, and Absolute Discord), or 4.00 (Equestrian Odysseys and High Magic) per booster box; always foiled)
  • Royal Rare (RR) (first added in High Magic; 0.33 per booster box=1 per 3 booster boxes; always foiled; alternate-art with no black borders versions of some Ultra Rare cards)
  • Fixed (F) (only found in select products, where they can always be found, such as Theme Decks; usually not foiled)
  • Promotional (P) (only found in select products or from special events; always foiled; may be alternate-art versions of non-promo cards or can be promo-exclusive with no other version)

The rarity of a card can be found on the bottom right of a card to the right of its card number. (On Problem cards, the card number/rarity information is located on the top or bottom of the card, or on the right or left side if you are reading it from a player's perspective.) 

A foiled card will usually not have the card's non-foiled rarity shown, instead replacing it with the ƒ symbol. The exceptions for this occurrence are Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Royal Rare cards (which are always foiled, and will display the regular SR, UR, or RR instead of the ƒ symbol) and Promotional cards (which display both the P and the ƒ symbol).

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